“I am in the Faustinum Association because…” – testimonies in French



“I belong to the FAUSTINUM Association because, as a devotee of Divine Mercy, I wanted to deepen my knowledge and get to know Saint Faustina, the Polish saint: her life, mission and spirituality.

Since joining FAUSTINUM almost 5 years ago, first as a volunteer and now as a member, my thirst has been satisfied, for example, with the monthly formation materials, books and brochures. The ceremony of accepting me as a member on the occasion of the 4th Congress of Mercy, which took place in Ouagadougou in the Ouaga 2000 room, on the feast of St. John Paul II, gave me a strong incentive to proclaim the message of mercy in my environment and to the whole world and encourage others to join FAUSTINUM.



I joined the “Faustinum” Association because it allows me to deepen my knowledge of God’s Mercy towards people and learn each day to live more and more in total trust in God and love for my brothers.

Thank you!



I belong to the FAUSTINUM Association because its goals, charism and spirituality of St. Faustina fascinated me and changed my life, increased my faith and trust in God.

The practice of new forms of the worship of Divine Mercy and the formation allowed me to get to know the Holy Trinity better, get closer to God, and love my neighbor more than before. The words given by our Lord Jesus Christ to the Secretary and Apostle of St. Faustina, they are the basis for finding God’s merciful love.

God’s mercy has changed me.

In fact, I am a completely new person, dedicated to God.



I lacked peace, my life was becoming more and more unhappy. All my relationships were confusing. My son at the age of 6 decided to live in the countryside on his own, because I was unable to meet his basic needs. One morning, when I was thinking about how penniless and hungry I went to a meeting organized by the pastor of the revival church, I realized I should regret because I had abandoned the path of the Church. Since I entered university in 1993, I did not have time for God. Then I decided to go back to the Catholic Church. One Sunday evening at the end of Mass there was a talk about the FAUSTINUM Association of the Apostles of Divine Mercy. I said to myself, “this is what I need.” Since 2007, I have been working in the Association as the Diocesan Secretary. I feel loved by God and very close to the heavenly court. Despite all the torments I encounter, trust in Merciful Jesus allows me to remain faithful despite my weaknesses. That is why I am singing about the mercy of the Lord who led me out of my misery.



Since I joined the Divine Mercy group, I have seen the miracles of the Lord, I have found a job. God’s mercy has changed me, I have more enthusiasm for prayer and concern for my neighbor.



I belong to the Faustinum Association of the Apostles of Divine Mercy, because from the first day when Mrs. Rose came to the parish to talk to us about the worship of Divine Mercy according to the forms given to Saint Faustina by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, this message sounded deep in my heart and soul. It is a reassuring message, a message of comfort, a message of encouragement. Discovering how limitless God’s Mercy is allows me not to be discouraged by falls and poverty, but to move forward, step by step on the path of holiness that Jesus invites me to. The awareness that the Lord Jesus loves me despite my “misery” gives me the strength to surrender to His grace, which can transform my heart, my soul, my life into a flower with a pleasant fragrance, into a garden where my Jesus will rest happily.



I joined Faustinum in a completely unexpected way, following a situation that has marked my life and that made me believe that this is a calling, a call that I have received from the Lord. In March 2014, when I was retired, someone reprimanded me publicly and I forgave him on behalf of the Merciful Lord.

Thank you, Jesus!

Fr. Yves


God’s mercy strengthened me in faith. My trust in Jesus has grown.

God’s mercy made me realize how great God’s love is. And how much He loves us despite our limitations.

God’s mercy allowed me to change my view of others. Not to judge them. Even the greatest sinner needs God’s mercy.



I belong to the Faustinum Association because I firmly believe that this is the way on which I will achieve my perfection (Christian perfection, achieving salvation). From childhood, I have always trusted God and felt compassion for others. In 2008, I discovered a movement that is founded on trust and mercy, the two principles on which my life is based. In this I recognize God’s call (Diary 687 and 1520).



I am in “Faustinum” because I was struck by these words: “Even if your sins are like scarlet, they will be white as snow;” I said to myself: I am here, I am staying here.

Sr. Catherine


I belong to the FAUSTINUM Association because of what I live every day, the miracle of God’s forgiveness for me and mine for others.