“I am in the Faustinum Association because…” – testimonies from Italy

Frate Attilio OFMCap

I am a member of “Faustinum” because it is my family and my home. For several years, I myself have been spreading the devotion of Divine Mercy, spreading pictures of Merciful Jesus, passing on the forms of the cult of Divine Mercy during catechesis, telling young people in schools and oratories the story of St. Faustina, by publishing video recordings about the topic of Divine Mercy on the YouTube channel. With time, I felt the need to meet and get to know other people who, like me, especially love the worship of Divine Mercy. Commitment to spreading the worship of Divine Mercy through personal initiatives started to tire me and I was confused. I asked myself, “Am I doing the right thing? Am I not exaggerating? “. These and other questions fueled my spiritual anxiety: fear of making mistakes and improperly spreading the cult of Divine Mercy. And here is a providential meeting: the “Faustinum” Association allowed me to know in depth the mystery of God’s Mercy and how to properly spread it. In the Association “Faustinum” I found a solid spiritual formation capable of establishing my vocation as an apostle of Divine Mercy in the vocation of a monk and priest. The “Faustinum” Association is stability, belonging, meeting brothers and sisters, commitment and sacrifice, mission, reading, meditation and study, preaching, joy and determination; is the gentle and attentive presence of St. Faustina, who protects and guards, encourages, advises, motivates and delicately accompanies you.


I am in “Faustinum” because it is like fresh air that caresses my face, gives me encouragement and hope. Slowly, slowly, I was getting closer to the worship of Divine Mercy. About 10 years ago I met a person who taught me to say the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, and I have been saying it since then. I prayed for my family, for the dead and for souls in need. Some years later, I met people who, like me, were praying the chaplet, but compared to me, they have had something more … they were apostles of God’s Mercy and what struck me in them was the love and joy they emanated. The desire to deepen what it meant to be an apostle began to sprout within me. Here I am! On the way to serve the Lord. I take my first steps, I often stumble due to the difficulties of everyday life. I wondered why I’m here. I want to cultivate the Divine Mercy. The answers I have given myself are: above all, I want to perfect myself in the virtues that St. Faustina, and then I also want to infect people close to me with the testimony and consequence of my actions. I am not good with words, but I can testify by deeds, studying the Word, and praying. For me, getting closer to God’s Mercy was like fresh air that caresses, brings relief from everyday pain and tension. Jesus, I trust in you.


I belong to the “Faustinum” Association because it is a source for me, thanks to which I can come closer to the mystery of the Father’s mercy and pass it on to my relatives.

Since I was a child, I have always had a deep attachment to Jesus, especially to the image of Merciful Jesus. When I was growing up, I discovered what this image was related to: the devotion of Divine Mercy. I was able to get to know and deepen the history, life and mission of St. Faustina and this image that seemed to keep talking to me. And when I was praying it was as if He was there and pointing his finger at his chest, saying to me, “I carry you in my heart because I love you.”

Every day I say the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, and when it agrees with my school commitments, I also join the perpetual chaplet.

I was always inclined to do works of Mercy, even when I was little: my mother told me that I was always happy to give to those who didn’t have something that I could give them. She always told me about Christmas when as a child I gave a gift that I had received from a distant relative, a little girl I met on the street, begging for a donation and crying that she liked my doll. I gave her this doll saying “I have so many toys, she has nothing.”

I always strive for this virtue: for me it is love. In what I do, I see Love, I see Jesus thanking me, I feel it in my heart, I feel indescribable joy.

Today I am spreading the devotion of Divine Mercy, statements from the Diary of St. Faustina, through videos and writings, distributing it to those who ask for it, as well as to various prayer groups.

I met the Faustinum Association almost by accident through the website of the Sisters from Krakow. I read about initiatives, spirituality and as it all hit me so much, I decided to ask for information! Thanks to “Faustinum” I found, as I mentioned before, a source from which I can draw my testimony and announce it to people around me 100 times better.

Moreover, in my vocation discernment and – in the future – entering a monastery, I find in the Association a solid spiritual formation capable of deepening my “Yes” to the Lord.

For me, the “Faustinum” Association is the presence of the King of Mercy next to me, who follows me, blesses me, leads me by his hand, touches my heart, and through the intercession of St. Faustina Kowalska makes us true Apostles of Mercy.


I belong to the “Faustinum” Association because I am learning the kind of mercy towards others that God has for me every day!

Thanks to daily prayer, daily reading, catechesis, articles published by the Association, I can look at reality in a different way, trusting the Lord more and feeding my neighbors with mercy.

Thank you Lord for your love! Jesus, I trust in you!


I belong to the Faustinum Association because I feel called to be a part of it. Here I can draw from the source of love which makes me discover better and better how great God’s mercy is.

Saint Faustina is for me a model to follow, a guide that leads me to Jesus, to fully trust in Him and His infinite mercy.

Jesus, I trust in you!


My name is Camillo and since June 30, 2017 I have been an Apostle of the “Faustinum” Association.

I am an Apostle of Divine Mercy because I want to proclaim the Work of Divine Mercy with all my soul. I wish that every soul could confidently approach God’s Mercy and experience the same miracles that Merciful Jesus did and does in my life and in my soul. That is why four years ago I decided to devote my whole life to this work, but to do so I needed formation, I wanted to know from the root the work that God entrusted to St. Faustina, and for this reason I wrote to the Congregation in Krakow and I was heard, because the sisters from the “Faustinum” Association began to form me so that I would live the infinite Mercy that was revealed in my life.

What is my greatest desire? That every soul could live deeply what God has done in me and for me, growing more and more every day, in trust in the omnipotence of God’s Mercy.

Jesus, I trust in you!


I am in the “Faustinum” Association because … I have the opportunity to share with other people the love that Merciful Jesus made known through the Diary of St. Faustina Kowalska (this is also what happened in my life, because before reading the Diary I did not know the greatness of His Love). I am in “Faustinum” primarily because I have the opportunity to deepen my internal formation so that I can better, in the way that the Lord wants it, to give the love that I have received and which I am to give to my neighbor. Because, as He himself said: “You received for free, give for free.” It is no coincidence that the Lord chose the right moment on the path of my conversion to give me this great gift of belonging to the “Faustinum” association, for which I thank Father Attilio, all the sisters of the Congregation of Our Lady of Mercy and the Mercy of Jesus. He was always so infinitely generous to me, a poor sinner.