“I am in the Faustinum Association because…” – testimonies from Slovakia


„Faustinum” has become my family. All its work fulfills me, all its activities, such as the Chaplet, The Hour of Mercy, The Chaplet for the dying, acts of mercy… Simply, it is as if you find your vocation and I am happy and grateful that through God´s grace I can be a member of this family.


I am in the “Faustinum” Association because I have experienced an „intervention“ of the Divine Mercy. That is why I strive to talk to people about God´s goodness. The meetings in the „Faustinum” Association strengthen me and help me to be able to share my experience with other people.


I signed up for the “Faustinum” Association as I had been inspired by the spirituality of St. Faustina. 

I have been greatly attracted by St. Faustina in terms of different attributes. I like her personal traits in relationship to God, the Congregation, family and others- simplicity, humility, self-sacrifice, poverty, obedience, trust and many others.

I am in the “Faustinum” Association as a volunteer from various reasons:

  1. Divine Mercy- in my opinion it is the greatest attribute of God.
  2. My vocation in everyday life is nursing. My service in a hospice is also my sacrifice for the work of “Faustinum”.
  3. In spite of the Covid 19 pandemics- the “Faustinum” Association represented by the Congregation of The Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy spiritually forms and educates in an individual way through publications, youtube, etc.) At the time of favorable epidemiological situation all venerators, volunteers and members have an opportunity to take part in spiritual retreats, e.g. in Dolný Smokovec under the leadership of the Sisters from the Congregation of Our Lady of Mercy and a priest. 
  4. “Faustinum” Association- it is where I belong. I have made this decision and I do not regret it.
  5. “Faustinum” gives me strength to go through different hardships of life. Jesus and St. Faustina would agree with me if I say that the Divine Mercy gives me the reason to live. 
  6. I believe that once I will be able to become a member of the “Faustinum” Association if it is in accordance with God´s will.
  7. Jesus I trust in you.


I am a member of the “Faustinum” Association because the meetings in this Association and the lectures given by the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy and the priests strengthen me on my journey through life, give me peace and teach me to be humble. Since I have been a member of this Association, I feel more in peace, I try to speak with people about the Divine Mercy, read and meditate upon it. I strive to put it into practice in my life and encourage other people to trust in the Divine Mercy. 


I am a member of “Faustinum” because Merciful God shows me His closeness every day, especially in these times, He shows us his great love that is everlasting. It is enough just to entrust ourselves to Jesus under the protection of Our Lady through the Holy Spirit.


My name is Jana Kosnáčová and I became the member of the “Faustinum” Association on 3 September 2005, after the formation in Čierny Balog. In  1998 along with the parishioners from Detva  I visited the Sanctuary of the Divine Mercy in Cracow for the first time. There I prayed for the gift of healing for my godson Michal. Michal was born in 1997 as a gravely disabled child, diagnosed with deafness, numbness and epilepsy. The care about him was very demanding, partly because of the fact that my brother and sister-in-law were students at university at that time. I would often travel to Bratislava to help them out. In 2007 I went to the spa in Čilistov with Michal. Next door there was accomodate a man with 3 children aged 7, 8 and 9 (Filip, Dominika, Terezka). The 8-year-old Dominika had the same diagnosis as Michal, but she could walk, while Michal was wheelchair-bound. We became friends and they told me that on 4 September 2005 at the age of 40 their mother died of heart failure. The distance between us was 200 km. However, we often spoke on the phone, encouraged each other and visited each other. What linked us together  was the fact that we were religious and we have otherwise gifted children in our families. In 2012 at the age of 46 I got married and moved to live with my new family. Taking care of a disabled child means living in seclusion, but also sacrifices and an opportunity to practice the acts of mercy. The whole family got to like the veneration of the Divine Mercy. In the course of 9 years together the 2 children have grown up. Dominika has remained at the level of 1,5-year-old child and requires a long-day care. 

“I understand that mercy is manifold; one can do good always and everywhere and at all times. An ardent love of God sees all around itself constant opportunities to share itself through deed, word and prayer“ (Diary 1313).


I am in the “Faustinum” Association because I need God´s Mercy and I have been longing for the veneration of the Divine Mercy for a long time. I was searching, reading and praying and then an opportunity came to join in the „Faustinum” Association so I became its member. I am grateful to Jesus. Jesus I trust in you.


Why are we in the “Faustinum” Association? As if all this work and life that St. Faustina noted in her Diary was my own life path and direction which I should take. „Faustinum” is a lifestyle for me, my strength and hope. 


Jesus, I trust in you!

I am a member of the “Faustinum” Association. The Divine Mercy, the greatest and the nicest attribute of God, is through the testimony of St. Faustina in this Association being kept alive and celebrated. At the same time this Association is the one that prays and performs the acts of mercy out of love to Jesus and tries to be as merciful as He was. I am greatly thankful to the Association for all the incentives and formation on how to rightly venerate the Divine Mercy, whether it is through the Scriptures, The Diary of St. Faustina or papal documents. I have rediscovered it all. Although the situation in our family is not a perfect one, to put it more precisely, not an easy one, it drives me even more to trust in Jesus, which fills me with peace and inner joy.


I am in the Association of the apostles of the Divine Mercy “Faustinum” because:

In 1996 a new priest in our parish started to talk about merciful Jesus and His love, about Sr. Faustina, the Chaplet, the Hour of Mercy, etc.

On the 2nd Easter Sunday, 7th April 1997 (when it was not yet acknowledged as a Mercy Sunday) that priest celebrated the mass. In front of the altar a beautiful, painted portrait of Merciful Jesus with a sign „Jesus I trust in you“, was displayed. During the homily I was touched by the words of Jesus spoken to St. Faustina, as described in the Diary 699.: ….let no soul fear to approach Me, even if its sins be as scarlet.  My mercy is so great that through all Eternity, no mind, neither human, nor angelic, shall fathom it.“ 

These words have deeply touched my heart and I made a decision to turn away from my sins and turn to this Jesus. On that day I received the Sacrament of Reconciliation and Jesus in the Eucharist. The priest blessed the image of Merciful Jesus in front of which I started to pray every day. My life slowly began to change. Day by day my desire to get to know Merciful Jesus was growing: who He is, who gives me such a strength of love by which I am attracted to.

I bought the Scriptures and the Diary of St. Faustina. Every spare moment I spent with these precious books which have been my most favorite ever since. My desire grew bigger to get to know him- what He is like and to stay with Him as long as possible. I began to receive the sacraments more often and my relationship towards myself, to my family and to God became renewed and liberated. 

I was longing for an Association and deepening my trust in Jesus. An invitation into my longed for Association  “Faustinum” came on 10th May 2003 by handing in the application in Cracow- Lagnievniki as a volunteer.

After a year, on 4th September 2004 I was accepted as a member and began a 4-year formation during which I was experiencing the beauty of the unity of the Association under the leadership of the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy in Košice and Father Artur Ciepielski. Our Association gradually began to grow and it  is a great gift and treasure of the Church born from the wounded side of Jesus. 

A precious gift for our parish is the relics of St. Faustina, which we joyfully received from the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy from Cracow and Košice. On 7th June 2014 St. Faustina became our helper, guide and protector on our journey of everyday life. I cannot imagine what my life would be like if I didn’t follow Jesus. I praise Him for His mercy, patience with me and for his incomprehensible love by which He has attracted me to him.

Jesus no longer walks on this Earth but never ceases to love the poorest, the sick and the abandoned. In order for Him to go out to them, He needs my feet, my hands, my tongue and my heart. And He has given me it all so I could be a gift for the others through words, deeds and prayer.

24 years onwards, this testimony comes out of the relationship which I have gone through and am still experiencing. The Lord has shown me who He is, what He is like and I can thank to God´s Mercy. I want to tell it to the others so they may have their own experience with merciful Jesus and his unfathomable mercy. Jesus I trust in you!


I am in the “Faustinum” Association because I find in there the willingness to do good, love and mercy through deeds, words and prayers. I am 74 years old, 50 of which I served as an organist in church. During masses I heard numerous thoughts and homilies. My decision to be in the “Faustinum” Association had several stages. In the former regime I was active in the secret Church“, under the leadership of then secretly ordained bishop Korec. My mission was to spread the religious literature and smuggle it, mainly from Cracow, from the Salesian residence on Kofederacka street. 

After 1989 I spent 3 years in the Koinonia John the Baptist Association in Košice, where I attended the biblical school, completed with a final exam.

In august 2009 after a spiritual retreat, from the initiative of Fr. Supek and Sr Clareta from the Congregation of the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy, the “Faustinum” Association was founded in Sabinov. From the very beginning I had no hesitation and became its volunteer. After completing the basic 4-year ABC spiritual formation and after the recommendation from the local dean and two other witnesses I became the member of the Association of the Apostles of the Divine Mercy during the mass in Košice, celebrated by bishop Stanislav Stolarik, in the presence of the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy from Poland and Slovakia. In the „Faustinum” Association I feel very happy as I have a unique opportunity to deeply immerse into spirituality and the apostolate of St. Faustina which has favorable effects on my spiritual life. In Sabinov we managed to build a Chapel of the Divine Mercy where we pray every Friday. I do also pray the Chaplet for the dying. If I should choose some thoughts from the Diary of St. Faustina that inspire me every day, it would be these: “Mankind will not have peace until it turns with trust to My mercy“ (Diary 300) “Souls who spread the honor of My mercy I shield through their entire lives as a tender mother her infant, and at the hour of death I will not be a Judge for them, but the Merciful Savior“ (Diary, 1075) Or … “Know that it is your mission to win souls for Me by prayer and sacrifice, and by encouraging them to trust in My mercy” (Diary 1690).

Jesus, I trust in you.


I am in the “Faustinum” Association because being an apostle of the Divine Mercy means a continuous challenge to stay merciful despite difficult life situations and suffering. In the heart of the Divine Mercy is my renewed home which is here for everybody finding themselves in any poor, suffering or hopeless and sinful state. That is why I pray for God´s mercy for those in need. It is a source of real human dignity. I strive to be in his living presence, to be a living witness of Christ. He teaches me to love Him even more in those who suffer. It is His live touch. He bends down to me and I try to bend down to the others. Where I have the biggest shortcomings there I have the biggest hope.


I am in the “Faustinum” Association as I was inspired by the life of St. Faustina and Jesus message for her and the whole world. It taught me how to live and manifest God´s mercy in everyday life and in relationships towards other people.


After recovering from a serious disease, thank God, I felt even stronger desire to get closer to God and deepen my faith. At that time, a friend of mine, who was accompanying me during my disease with her presence and prayers, invited me for a meeting of the „Faustinum” Association. Right after the first meeting during my evening prayer I thanked merciful Jesus for his guidance. Gradually, through the formation of the priest, sisters, who devotedly speak about the life of St. Faustina and through reading of the Diary of St. Faustina and began to enter the mysteries of the Divine Mercy. I look forward to every meeting; I have found a lot of kindred souls there. 

Deep in my heart I feel that my decision bears the fruit. I strive to make acts of mercy towards my fellow brothers and sisters. The main thing is that when I prayed before, I used to say “Jesus, I want to trust in you”, now I say “Jesus I trust in you”.