The first stage in participating in the “Faustinum” Association is volunteering.

Every person who wishes to participate in Saint Faustina’s work of mercy, under the guidance of the Congregation of Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy and is ready to fulfil the following obligations can become a volunteer by:

  • Striving to get to know the mystery of Divine Mercy and developing the attitude of trust by fulfilling the will of God as found in the commandments and duties of one’s state in life,
  • Saying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy,
  • Performing daily at least one act of mercy towards one’s neighbour by deed, word, or prayer, out of love for Jesus.

Volunteers benefit from the formation for apostles of Divine Mercy in communities or individually. Further information on the formation process can be obtained from Faustinum secretariat.

Entry to the Association is preceded by a personal meeting with a sister responsible for formation. After such discernment, a person who wants to join the Association fills in the Declaration document for a volunteer. The application can be made only on the original Declaration cards available from the Faustinum secretariat. As confirmation of acceptance into the Association, a volunteer receives a letter signed by the President of “Faustinum.” After a year of volunteering, one can apply for membership.