I am in the Faustinum Association because…” – testimonies in English



I am in the ”Faustinum“ Association because I was led there.  Before I was baptized Catholic (as an adult) St. Faustina found me.  I had received a number of calls from God (I guess the door of my heart was open just a crack) which eventually led to my baptism.  There was still a pull, an unanswered call which I couldn’t dismiss.  St. Faustina and Divine Mercy were everywhere.  This led me down many roads but none offered the answer to this call.  It wasn’t until I found the Faustinum that this thirst was satisfied, I finally found my home. 



Being  part of the “Faustinum” has helped me a lot  in growing in my spiritual life, and also being an Apostle of the Divine Mercy. As you know I am a volunteer  catechists under the Missionaries  of Charity here  in the slums of Tondo, Manila- In Aroma, in Happy Land, and in Smokey Mountain where the poor children really dwells, where unhealthy lifestyle are being lived.

In my experience  as an Apostle of the Divine Mercy- being part this wonderful organization: the Faustinum- has helped me more to realized and appreciated the service or in giving service in the poorest of the poor. Because  through them we can see with the eyes of  the faith that it’s   really Christ whom we are serving. Who’s wounds we are touching, through them I can see and experience God’s presence, and it help me a lot especially that the Faustinum has given me a formation-a monthly formation, that made me more matured in terms of my knowledge, and my spirituality as an Apostle of Divine Mercy, following the footsteps of our beloved Saint  Faustina Kowalska, and because of this i was really able to become more fruitful in my service in the Missionaries of Charity, in San Pablo Apostol Parish here in Tondo and also as a Professional Registered Nurse in the Hospital, especially now in times of pandemic where community quarantine are being implemented we’re everyone are anxious about their health , about their safety, And even about their resources, being part of the Faustinum is really indeed a blessing and a grace into my life. And i really choose to  be part of this so that i can really more  understand and deepen my perspective in appreciating the Mercy of God.


North Carolina, USA

I am in the “Faustinum” Association because many years ago back in the late 1980’s to early 1990’s I watched with great sadness the breakdown of my birth family in a matter of a couple years.   (…) A spiritual cyclone of immorality…pornography, adultery, fornication, contraception, abortion, divorces…etc.  And in its wake lay broken families and loss of the Faith.  I alone was left unscathed and longing to find some way to bring spiritual healing to the members of my family.

It was in 1995 that l first learned of the Devotion of Divine Mercy by way of Mother Angelica’s EWTN program.  As soon as l heard this message and the promises attached to the Divine Mercy Chaplet, l was filled with such joy and peace because of the great hope it brought for the healing of my family members.  My one constant prayer was that l would be allowed to be at the bedside of any family member whose death was eminent, and they were still not clothed in their garment of grace.  

From that time on l began embracing different parts of the devotion…most especially the (…) Divine Mercy Sunday. (…) In 2002 (…) l was given a copy of the Diary and as l read St. Faustina’s story l came to understand ever so much more…the value of accepting trials and suffering when added to one’s prayer.  Her lessons on bearing these things silently, prayerfully, uniting them to Jesus began to bear much fruit in my life.  

In 2013 with my husband’s unexpected job loss, l returned to the workplace as a Medical Laboratory Technologist at St. Luke’s Hospital.  One night at work a question suddenly came to my mind, “What do you do when you come across someone in a medical emergency?”  I answered in my head, “Call 9-1-1”.  ( In the US that is the universal call for emergency responders. ) Immediately a second question was posed, “What do you do when you come across someone in a spiritual emergency – someone about to die without their garment of grace?” and before I could respond the answer was given, “Make an 8-1-1 call to Me.”  I knew this was in reference to Jesus’ promise given to St. Faustina. When l got home from work l looked it up and there it was…paragraph 811—Jesus’ promise for the dying at whose bedside the Chaplet is prayed!    From that time on I was given the opportunity multiple times to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet at the bedside of the dying and share the Image of Divine Mercy with patient and co-workers as they shared their prayer requests.  

The Year of Mercy in 2016 found me reading the Diary yet again and sensing a deeper call as l read paragraphs 1155-1158.  It seemed to me that the Lord was explaining to St. Faustina that this new Order He was asking her to establish would have 3 different levels…cloistered nuns, religious sisters, and a lay order.  I wondered if there was a formal lay order and if one just was considered part of it simply by desire and embracing the devotion personally.  My spiritual director at that time encouraged me to start investigating the issue and that lead me to the Congregation of Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy’s  “Faustinum” Association.    By the end of the Year of Mercy I was on my way seeking acceptance as a Volunteer as l sensed more and more deeply the great need for this gift of Divine Mercy for hurting sinful humanity.  

The end of February in 2017 brought word that my father was given just 4 weeks to live with the diagnosis of stage 4 small cell lung cancer.  I was given a leave of absence from my job and the first answer to my prayer of old, as l spent those last weeks with him praying over and over the Divine Mercy Chaplet at his bedside knowing he had long been dealing in the occult and refused any offers for a priest.  His last words as he was dying came out of the blue after several hours of silence, loud and clear he declared, “You’ve got to be kidding me!”  And I knew to the depths of my soul he had an encounter with Our Lord and the opportunity to have his sins drowned in the ocean of mercy.  

 This is the mission…this is the interior call I yearn to fulfill ever more faithfully …the final rescue of a soul!


Oregon, USA

I am in the “Faustinum” Association because Jesus personally invited me. In October of 2014, I knocked on the door of the Secretariat of the “Faustinum” Association to inquire about an article from “Orędzie Milosierdzia” [Message of Mercy quarterly newsletter]. At that time, I was completely unfamiliar with the “Faustinum” Association. Several of the sisters interacted with me and one of them led me downstairs telling me about “Faustinum”. I left the meeting as a Volunteer and a bit confused, trying to make sense of what had happened. The “Faustinum” Association has brought about a deepening and maturing of my faith. It has turned my focus to the inexpressible love and mercy of Jesus, the most Holy Trinity, and Holy Mother. The literature presented through the association, the retreats, interactions with the sisters, and my yearly visits to the Shrine in Krakow have enriched me to be able to more intelligibly share with others what our Lord asked for; to spread and share the message of His love and mercy for mankind. In my parish, I am actively involved in teaching about and organizing various activities to enrich others about the Divine Mercy. This work is the fruit of my formation through “Faustinum”. Jesus brought me to the door of the Secretariat to become a member of the congregation He had asked for when speaking to St. Faustina. I am a lay member of this congregation, which is to proclaim His immense mercy. We all have tasks given us and I was led to one of mine by Jesus at the door of the Secretariat. I am very grateful to the sisters for their work in forming those who wish to spread the Divine Mercy devotion to their corner of the world.


Connecticut, USA

I am in the “Faustinum” Association because of the Faustinum charisms.  I have had a life-long devotion to Divine Mercy, the Chaplet of Mercy, Mercy Sunday, the Sacramental Life, Daily Mass, the Rosary and the Liturgy of the Hours.  I continue to look to deepen my faith and imitate Jesus in all aspects of my life.  The lives and witness of the Sisters attracted me, and I have attempted to embrace their example living my daily life as they do in an exemplary way.  

I have always had a deep desire to please God and trust in Him.  The “Faustinum” has taught me to do this and to understand how much love God has for me.  I enjoy sharing His love with the elderly by taking them to doctor’s appointments, bringing them meals, and praying with them.  God’s blessing came to me as I was able to bring a non-practicing Christian to the Catholic faith, having her join the RCIA class, which she enjoyed so much she took two years of training before becoming a Catholic.  

I am grateful to our most merciful God for the Sister’s supportive love and sacrifices they put into teaching me to be more like Jesus with my family and my community.  I appreciate all the work they put in to help us with our formation so we can live our lives as God intended.  God has truly blessed me through the “Faustinum” allowing me through my trust in God to pass that mercy on to my neighbors.


California, USA

I am in the “Faustinum” Association because after years of reading all I could on St. Faustina and The Divine Mercy Devotion, I wanted a formation program that might help me move this knowledge from my head to a real experience of God’s love into my heart.  I was happy to learn that this is an unending process that continues to this day and I am no longer just interested in getting a “PhD” in Divine Mercy but I am blessed to be able to learn day by day how to better live the message of and devotion to Divine Mercy.  God has inspired me to lead a small group in my parish for the last 20 years and to establish a diocese wide network of a thousand members in the practice and understanding of God’s infinite Mercy.


Texas, USA

I am in the “Faustinum Association” because God calls me to be a living testimony of His love and mercy and to share this testimony with those He places in my path. Like the prodigal son, I was also forgiven much—and after being immersed in His infinite love and mercy, I strive each day to respond to His call with the most sincere, yes. Jesus, I trust in You!


Massachusetts, USA

I am in “Faustinum” because of my aspirations of becoming an Apostle of Divine Mercy many years ago. My hope then and now, is to be able to “pray” the chaplet for individuals who are close to death. However, I still have hopes, that somehow I will be able to offer this soul-saving prayer to the dying. I thank the Association, and all the truly devoted Sisters, and lay people, who dedicate themselves to spreading the message of Divine Mercy.

Debbie and George

New York, USA

We are in the “Faustinum” Association because we want to get closer to St. Faustina and her spirituality. (…) We are facilitators of St. Thomas the Apostle’s Divine Mercy Ministry in West Hempstead, NY, USA. Our ministry consists of over 125 people wanting to share the love of Jesus through the message of the Diary of St. Faustina.

We also feel that being connected to the “Faustinum” allows us to stay connected with the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy. Our correspondence via email has made us feel like we are part of a loving family of Sisters who love and honor Our Lord.