I am in the Faustinum Association because…” – testimonies from Spain



My name is Marina Duarte, I am from Madrid.

I joined the “Faustinum” Association, because on this journey I approach the sea of ​​mercy with great confidence in order to learn from St. Faustina how to trust God more and more and how to be transformed by Him.

Thanks to “Faustinum” I began to realize my misery and I discovered that the Lord loves me as I am and wants to change my whole being, so that I could be a reflection of His love among the souls He put on my way and to be merciful with infinite mercy.

Thank you to all in “Faustinum”! May the Lord continue to bless you so that this message will reach the souls of the whole world and bear abundant fruit.



I joined the Faustinum Association because although I already had some knowledge about this wonderful devotion, learning from the source was for me a gift received from the King of Mercy without any merit on my part.

Since I have started following the formation in the Faustinum Association, I have been learning how to organize my way of understanding and experiencing the devotion to God’s mercy, correcting many mistakes that I made out of ignorance.

Today in my family we have understood what it means to “trust the King of Mercy”. Our life in 2020 was completely different, despite the pandemic, we tried to live without internal disturbances, without fear, without losing hope, because my wife and I (both undergoing formation in “Faustinum”) try to pass on to the family, with a cheerful attitude, this belief according to which: whoever does not trust the King of Mercy cannot be His Apostle and therefore cannot glorify His Holy Name.

Since I belong to the Faustinum, I am pleased with the presence of the King of Mercy as “a close God and friend on the way, to whom I turn with trust and freedom”. I have realized that I should not be afraid of my sins, but rather learn to approach the Source of Mercy, where the Merciful Jesus awaits me with an embrace of compassion and ever renewing love.

Thank you to all in “Faustinum”! May this work continue to grow for the glory of God and the salvation of souls who do not yet know the Lord’s love!