“I am in the Faustinum Association because…” – testimonies from Germany


I am in Faustinum Association, because here, at the source of God’s mercy, I found a permanent homeland. Jesus won my heart and thus allowed my trust in His eternal presence and love to grow in me. Thanks to my connection with this Community, its activities and prayers, I am strengthened by faith, hope and love. So I have a good basis for collaborating with JESUS ​​in His work of saving souls. Sister Faustina and our dear Mother of Mercy help me in this. The teachings of Jesus recorded in the “Diary” of St. Faustina are always a great help for me.

S. Theresia

I am in Faustinum Association because I chose Jesus as my Bridegroom. I also fell in love with the Love. I trust His Mercy and I want to spread it in my daily life for the salvation of souls.

Cho Yong Klara

I am in Faustinum Association because I trust Jesus! I want to proclaim His mercy to people so that they can trust Him without fear.

Trust should serve the salvation of souls in God’s will, so that sinful people may be reconciled with God. Whoever trusts in Him, God can do nothing but embrace Him in His loving arms. This is His “weak spot”. God gives EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING for us, sinful people, even His Only Son, to save us. We are to go back to the Father’s House. I thank Jesus for calling me to be the Apostle of Divine Mercy. I trust in the intercession of Our Lady Mary and St. Faustina, who help me to do God’s will.”