“I am in the Faustinum Association because…” – testimonies from Belarus


Once I learned from a friend of my sister in Christ that there are meetings in the Church “Faustinum”, where people from our parish gather, led by Sr. Konstancja, consider various spiritual topics through the prism of St. Faustina, learn how to live mercy every day. It was then that my conversion and return to God took place, I did not know about such a saint, but I longed for any manifestation of spiritual knowledge and knowledge of God. At the first meeting, when I heard about some moments in the life of St. Faustina, I was very impressed.

On that very day, Sister Konstancja brought a documentary film about the life of Sister Faustina to watch, I literally grabbed every word and this information had a huge contribution to the foundations of my spiritual life. I wanted to read the Diary, I immediately took it from our sisters from the library and started reading … and when I was reading, it was at these moments that I experienced everything that was written on a spiritual level and praised the Lord more, because Jesus’ words to Faustina about mercy towards the sinner concerned me, as such a sinner … and I felt a great hope for the salvation of my soul … the first notes of Love for God began just from my stay in this group.

I was looking forward to every meeting that takes place once a month. My every presence there was filled with love, my heart to the brim, everything I heard seemed to touch me: I was thinking about my life, about my views and behavior towards my family, I wanted and I want to work on myself.

Every word I hear at Fastinum about mercy touches my heart. These meetings, which I have been attending for over a year, have brought me many changes in my soul, I began to reflect more on Jesus’ words to St. Faustina, about His great mercy for us. I started telling about the Mercy of Jesus to my friends and relatives and I am glad that sometimes in small things I can show His Mercy to my neighbors. I am learning to see JESUS ​​in each person and to love everyone.

Thanks be to the Lord for our community, all for His glory!


I belong to “Faustinum” because I want to help spread God’s mercy among people.

When a person is in a difficult situation, alone with his problems and is indifferent to everyone, and even his parents may not love him, it is very important for someone to say at least a kind word or smile. At such times it is very important to know that Jesus always loves us, that he is merciful and will never leave us alone! Then it will be much easier to go through everything difficult situation. And how many people, as it turned out, do not know at all that God is merciful! That is why I want to at least change it somehow, so that through me Jesus can show His mercy and help others, and “Faustinum” helps me a lot in this.

Before I found out about Faustinum, I was wondering which prayer group to join because I wanted to, but for some reason, none of the available ones was quite close to my heart. One Sunday I went to that particular church (I usually go to another one), and there Sr. Konstancja came and after the Mass she invited me to join “Faustinum” and watch the film. When I heard that, I felt so warm in my heart, it was immediately clear that she was really very good.

I called my husband to say that I want to go to a meeting and then come home and since then I have tried to walk as often as possible.

There are a lot of us and this helps me: many members of the Faustinum are examples of practicing faith for me, they testify to how God is merciful to them and their friends, they share about the events in their lives and what they did in a specific situation which can happen to anyone. It is a great help.

It is very important that Sr. Konstancja is giving us spiritual talks each time. Because I didn’t know or thought too much about God and His mercy before, and in order to do something right, you must first understand that it matters. And after a few meetings, when I learned something new for myself, Jesus almost immediately gave me situations in which I could put this knowledge into practice. (…)

I hope that I can be a good apostle of God’s mercy, and the meetings of the Faustinum will help me in this.