I am His child!

A man is called to share in the divine life by giving himself, and with himself the whole visible world, to God, and like an adopted son to become a sharer in the truth and love which is in God and proceeds from God. It is precisely beside the path of man’s eternal election to the dignity of being an adopted child of God that there stands in history the cross of Christ, the only – begotten Son, who, as “light from light, true God from true God,” came to give the final witness to the wonderful covenant of God with humanity, of God with man – every human being (Dives in Misericordia, 7).

We are children of God! This is an extraordinary truth of our faith, an extraordinary gift of God’s Mercy! In these days, when we live the mystery of the incarnation of the Son of God, we especially remember that thanks to him we are also sons and daughters of God. In Jesus, God chose us to be His children, and through Christ’s cross He made a covenant with us that saves us, saves us from our sins.

Being a child of God is a priceless gift, a special grace, but also a task for us. It obliges us!

Is your life a testimony to others of who you are and who your God is?

Do your daily choices, small deeds, show the world a God who is love and mercy?

“ O, present moment, the time given me which is my all,
I wish to make full use of your respite as best I can,
And though I am but feeble and small,
You grant me the grace of Your almighty span.

Confident in Your Mercy ever shall I live,
Trusting like a child through this life I’ll go,
Each day in sacrifice to You my heart I’ll give,
For Your greater glory with my love aglow.

(Diary 2)