During the Easter Triduum we will accompany Jesus in His passion. Let his words be an encouragement to us: “One hour of meditation on My bitter Passion is of greater merit than a whole year of flagellation even to the drawing of blood; contemplating My painful wounds is very profitable for you, and it pleases Me very much” (D. 369).

HOLY THURSDAY – I offer Jesus my presence

“I have been waiting to share My suffering with you” (Diary 348).

“My daughter, know that your deep love and sympathy were a comfort for Me in the Garden of Olives” (Diary 1664).

“In the evening during Holy Hour, I heard these words, “You see My mercy for sinners being revealed in its full power right at this moment. See how little you have written about it, barely one drop. Do all you can to get sinners to learn of My goodness” (Diary 1665).