I offer Jesus my joy and gratitude

Let us allow Jesus to fill our hearts with joy. He died to redeem us, He is risen and lives!

“When the procession started, I saw Jesus in a brilliance brighter than the radiance of the sun. Jesus looked at me lovingly and said, “Heart of My Heart, take your fill of joy.” Right at that moment, my spirit sank in Him… When I came round, I was walking in the procession with the other sisters, and my soul was completely immersed in Him” (Diary 1669).

“At Mass, I thanked Jesus for redeeming us, and for His greatest gift, for deigning to give us His love – Himself – in Holy Communion. And at that moment, I was drawn up to the bosom of the Holy Trinity, and immersed in the Father’s, the Son’s, and the Holy Spirit’s love. It’s hard to describe such moments” (Diary 1670).

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