To testify to mercy

In connection with this picture of our generation, a picture which cannot fail to cause profound anxiety, there come to mind once more those words which, by reason of the Incarnation of the Son of God, resounded in Mary’s Magnificat, and which sing of “mercy from generation to generation.” The Church of our time, constantly pondering the eloquence of these inspired words, and applying them to the sufferings of the great human family, must become more particularly and profoundly conscious of the need to bear witness in her whole mission to God’s mercy… (Dives in misericordia, 12).

Mary, who experienced God’s mercy in a unique way in her life, sings her Magnificat glorifying God. This experience of the Creator’s merciful love enables Mary to see mercy lasting “from generation to generation” throughout the history of humanity and to bear witness to it in her life.

What manifestations of God’s mercy have I noticed in my life over the past week?

Do I share with others how God works in my daily life?

“O merciful Lord, You have lavished these gifts on me merely out of mercy; seeing it all given me gratuitously, in deepest humility I worship Your unfathomable goodness” (D. 1523)

“Whatever I look at, everything tells me of His mercy” (D. 651).