The hope of Good Friday

Good Friday is a day on which we ponder the Passion and Death of Jesus. It is the day when, at 3 p.m., Jesus – God – dies on the cross for us. Through His death, our small sufferings, our adversities take on a new light. St. Faustina recorded:

‘‘Then I saw Jesus nailed to the cross. When He had been hanging on it for a while, I saw a host of souls crucified just like Jesus. And then I saw a third group, and a second group of souls. The souls in the second group were not nailed to their crosses, but held them firmly in their hands; while the third group were neither nailed to their crosses nor held them firmly, but dragged their crosses along behind their backs and were dissatisfied. Then Jesus said, “You see those souls who are like Me in their suffering and in being reviled – they will also be like Me in glory; the ones who are less like Me in suffering and being reviled will be less like Me in glory, too” (Diary 446).

What hope one should have to trust that every suffering brings me closer to God.

O my Jesus, multiply my hope so that I may carry my own daily cross with ever greater love for you