The faith of Holy Thursday

Holy Thursday is a day when we ponder the mystery of the priesthood and the Eucharist. St. Faustina writes about this event (the institution of the Holy Eucharist):

‘‘…Jesus allowed me to enter the Cenacle, and I saw what was going on there. But what made the deepest impression on me was the moment just before the Consecration when Jesus lifted up His eyes to Heaven and entered into a mysterious conversation with His Father. Not until we are in eternity will we come to understand that moment in the right way. His eyes were like two flames, His face was bright and as white as snow, His figure was majestic, and there was a longing in His soul; at the moment of Consecration, love was satiated and found its repose – the sacrifice had been fully accomplished. Now only the outward ceremony of death, the outward immolation had to be done. The essence is in the Cenacle….” (Diary 684)

What faith one should have to see Jesus and His majesty in a piece of bread.

O my Jesus, multiply my faith so that I may understand this mystery ever more deeply.