Merciful love of the Mother

“It was precisely this “merciful” love, which is manifested above all in contact with moral and physical evil, that the heart of her who was the Mother of the crucified and risen One shared in singularly and exceptionally – that Mary shared in. In her and through her, this love continues to be revealed in the history of the Church and of humanity. This revelation is especially fruitful because in the Mother of God it is based upon the unique tact of her maternal heart, on her particular sensitivity, on her particular fitness to reach all those who most easily accept the merciful love of a mother” (Dives in misericordia, 9).

For us, Mary is an extraordinary gift of God’s mercy. God knew that we needed a Mother — the one who understands everything, embraces us and receives us with love in her Immaculate Heart — so He gave us Mary as our Mother and put us under her maternal protection. Through Mary, God gives us all His graces. His mercy comes to us through her Immaculate Heart in the pattern of the merciful Heart of Jesus.

What is my relationship with Mary?

Do I come to her as to the closest person who knows me, loves me and takes care of me with her maternal care?

Do I entrust my life, vocation, family and all my affairs to her?

“O Mary, Mother and Mistress mine, unto You I give my body and soul, my life and death, and whatever shall come thereafter. All this I put into Your hands, O my Mother. Cover my soul with Your virginal cloak and grant me the grace of a pure heart, body and soul, and protect me with Your might against all enemies” (D. 79).

“Mary, dearest Mother of mine, direct my inner life to make it pleasing for Your Son” (D. 240).