Merciful Heart of Jesus

“The Church seems in a particular way to profess the mercy of God and to venerate it when she directs herself to the Heart of Christ. In fact, it is precisely this drawing close to Christ in the mystery of His Heart which enables us to dwell on this point-a point in a sense central and also most accessible on the human level-of the revelation of the merciful love of the Father, a revelation which constituted the central content of the messianic mission of the Son of Man” (Dives in misericordia, 13).

The heart of Jesus is always open to us, sinners. From the Savior’s heart pierced on the cross, streams of mercy continue to flow – blood and water, which purify us, justify and fill us with God’s life. We can always approach the Merciful Heart of Jesus with trust, even if we have many sins on our conscience – He understands us and is always ready to forgive us.

How often do I thank Jesus for His mercy that He showed me by allowing His holy Heart to be pierced with a spear?

Can I stand before Jesus with all the truth about my weak and wounded heart?

To what extent does my heart become similar to the merciful heart of Jesus (in specific situations, in relationships)?

“For you I let the lance pierce My Most Sacred Heart, and I opened up the spring of mercy for you; come and draw graces from this spring with the vessel of trust. I shall never reject a humble heart; your wretchedness has sunk in the depth of My mercy. Why should you quarrel with Me about your wretchedness? Do Me the pleasure of entrusting all your misery, all your wretchedness to Me, and I shall fill you with the treasure of My graces” (D. 1485).

“I have [always] been, I am, and will be your master; try to make your heart like unto My meek and humble Heart. Never insist on your rights. Bear everything that happens to you with calm and patience; don’t defend yourself when you are unjustly put to shame; let others triumph. Don’t stop being good when you notice that they are abusing your goodness; I Myself will stand up for you when necessary. Be grateful for the slightest grace from Me, because your gratitude will oblige Me to grant you new graces…” (D. 1701).