Maudy Thursday – Longing for God

On Maundy Thursday, Jesus said to St Faustina: “I want you to offer yourself up as a sacrifice for sinners, especially for those souls who have lost hope in God’s mercy” (Diary, 308). “this day in unity with Jesus Christ, Redeemer of souls” (Diary, 309), Sister Faustina offered herself as a sacrifice for sinners.

For St Faustina, another Maundy Thursday, was also a day of longing for God. “This morning I heard these words, From today until the Easter Morning Mass, you shall not feel My presence, instead your soul will be filled with great longing. And at once a great longing overwhelmed my soul; I felt I had parted with my beloved Jesus” (Diary, 413).

Elsewhere we read of her great pain and longing: “As Jesus was bidding me farewell, a terrible pain bore down upon my soul; it was so great that I can’t describe it. (…) I was oblivious to everything that was going on around me; my soul was longing for the Lord, and all the bitter suffering of His Divine Heart was imparted to me. (…) All the time, I was in a sort of swoon; every time Jesus’ Heart stirred I could feel it in my own heart and it went right through my soul. Even if this torment had been my own, I would have suffered less, but when I looked at the One my heart loved so absolutely, and saw that He was suffering, and that I could do nothing to bring Him relief, my heart was rent with love and bitter suffering” (Diary, 1054).

Let us find time today to be with Jesus. Let us hear His words to St Faustina during the Mass of the Lord’s Supper “Gaze upon My Heart so full of love and mercy for humans, especially for sinners. Gaze upon it and enter into the depth of My Passion” (Diary, 1663) and meditate on His Passion.