It has already been 160 years!

November the first marks the 160th anniversary of the founding of Congregation of the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy.  

The first house of our Congregation was founded in Warsaw on 1 November 1862. Since then the Congregation has grown beyond the borders of Poland. Over the years the Congregation has established many houses in other parts of the worlds, namely, Brazil, the United States, Italy, Slovakia and Cuba.

Our Foundress, Mother Teresa Potocka, would be so blessed to know that from this beginning, would arise a great Saint, to spread the message of Divine Mercy to the whole world. We are certain that Mother Teresa Potocka, would also be delightedto know that there is the Faustinum, which is made up by people like you, volunteers and members who play a vital role in spreading the message of Divine Mercy.

Thank you for continuing to be with us!