In My Passion seek strength and light #7

7th week: I will unite my will with God's will, which is mercy itself

During this year’s Lent, we penetrated together into the mysteries of the various sufferings that we encounter in everyday life. Our goal was to see that any difficult experience has great value when it is combined with the passion of our Lord. But suffering has no value in itself. Sometimes God allows it for some greater good – for our purification or for the salvation of other people. This does not mean, however, that we are not to ask for the gift of health and prosperity in our lives. He leads each of us along a path that only He knows. Through suffering, our soul becomes like our Savior. St. Faustina described it in a very nice way: “But the Lord also let me see what immense glory was waiting in Heaven for the soul that resembled Jesus in His suffering here on Earth, [in Heaven] it will resemble Jesus in His glory. The Heavenly Father will glorify our souls and acknowledge them insofar as He will be able to find a likeness in them to His Son” (D. 604). Indeed, all those tortures seem as nothing to me compared to the glory that will be ours for all eternity” (D. 605).

God loves us so much! He wants our greatest good. That is why Sister Faustina was able to write a beautiful act of complete abandonment to God’s will, which for us is love and mercy itself. It can be an invitation to pray also for us. Here is an excerpt from this act:

“Lead me, O God, along any roads You please; I have put all my trust in Your will, which for me is love and mercy itself. If You tell me to stay in this convent, I shall stay; if You tell me to start the work, I’ll start; if You keep me in this uncertainty with regard to this work until the day I die – be blessed; if You give me death when to human eyes it would seem I’m most needed alive – be blessed. If You take me away when I’m still young – be blessed; if You let me live to a ripe old age – be blessed; if You give me health and strength – be blessed; if You keep me nailed to a bed of pain even for the rest of my life – be blessed; if You make disappointment and failure my lot in life – be blessed; if You let my purest intentions be condemned – be blessed; if You enlighten my mind – be blessed; if You keep me in darkness and all manner of affliction – be blessed.  From this moment on, I live in the most profound serenity, for the Lord Himself is carrying me in His arms. He, the Lord of unfathomed mercy, knows that He is all I want in all things, always and everywhere” (D. 1264).

With the help of God’s grace, we too can make a resolution following the example of St. Faustina:

“I want to live and die like a soul that is holy, with my gaze fixed upon You, O Jesus stretched out on the cross, You are the model and example I want to follow. I looked for an example to follow in my surroundings, but could find none good enough, and I noticed that my holiness was being held up; but from now on my gaze shall be fixed upon You, O Christ, Best of Leaders. I trust You will bless my endeavours” (Diary 1333).

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During the Easter Triduum we will accompany Jesus in His passion. Let his words be an encouragement to us:

“One hour of meditation on My bitter Passion is of greater merit than a whole year of flagellation even to the drawing of blood; contemplating My painful wounds is very profitable for you, and it pleases Me very much” (D. 369).