Giving and receiving mercy

“In reciprocal relationships between persons merciful love is never a unilateral act or process. Even in the cases in which everything would seem to indicate that only one party is giving and offering, and the other only receiving and taking (…) On the basis of this model, we must also continually purify all our actions and all our intentions in which mercy is understood and practiced in a unilateral way, as a good done to others. An act of merciful love is only really such when we are deeply convinced at the moment that we perform it that we are at the same time receiving mercy from the people who are accepting it from us. If this bilateral and reciprocal quality is absent, our actions are not yet true acts of mercy” (Dives in misericordia, nr 14).

When we do something for others, sometimes it may seem that it is only us who give something to others. Similarly, we can look at situations in which we receive something good from other people, such as a doctor, teacher, parents. In reality, however, as the Pope teaches us, in authentic acts of mercy, both parties are always gifted.

Have I ever wondered what it really means to be merciful?

By showing mercy – do I also experience that I also receive a lot?

What can I do to make my good deeds true acts of mercy?

“My daughter, I want your heart to be modelled on My merciful Heart. You must be completely permeated by My mercy.” (D. 167).

“O Jesus, teach me to open up the depths of love and mercy for all who ask me for this. O Jesus, my Leader, teach me how to make all my prayers and deeds bear the seal of Your mercy” (D. 755).