Easter 2021

Today during Easter Mass, I saw Jesus in great brightness,
He came up to me and said,
“Peace to you, My children.” And He raised His hand and
blessed us. The wounds on His hands and feet
were not obliterated but shining brilliantly.

St. Faustina, Diary 205

Dear Apostles of Divine Mercy!

As once to the apostles in the Upper Room and years ago to Sister Faustina, today also the Risen Jesus comes to us with light shining from His wounds. He comes towards us with a message flowing from the mystery of His death and resurrection, convincing us that He is the God of Mercy, the almighty God and nothing can escape His hand. He assures us that His mercy is greater than our sin and all the evil in the world; that He has the power to give meaning to every human suffering and to bring good out of every event, thus making it a history of salvation.

This is our sincere wish and prayer for you at the Fount of Mercy in Krakow-Łagiewniki, may each of us accept this message of Jesus that is full of mercy and, like St. Faustina, may respond to it with a sincere cry from the bottom of the heart: Jesus, I trust in You!

May this confession bring to our hearts deep peace and joy that no one and nothing can take from us!

A Blessed Easter to you!

Sr. Miriam Janiec OLM
“Faustinum” Association President
together with the Sisters serving in the “Faustinum”

Easter, AD 2021