25th anniversary of the foundation of “Faustinum” – letter

O my God, let everything that is in me praise You, my Lord and Creator;
and with every beat of my heart I want to praise Your unfathomable mercy.
I want to tell souls of Your goodness and encourage them to trust in Your mercy.
That is my mission, which You Yourself have entrusted to me,
O Lord, in this life and in the life to come.

St. Faustina
(Diary, No. 1325)


Today, on the 25th anniversary of the foundation of our Association of the Apostles of Divine Mercy “Faustinum”, a prayer of praise and thanksgiving flows from our hearts for each Member and Volunteer of our Association, for the priests involved in formation and the Sisters who have served in the “Faustinum” since its foundation. We thank merciful God for all the good that He has done in us and through us during these past years.

We would also like to thank you, our brothers and sisters from the “Faustinum” Community, for the fact that you are. Thank you for the fact that together we can create a great spiritual family, connected by the Person of Merciful Jesus and His faithful Secretary, and our Patroness – St. Faustina. All of us, together fascinated by the mystery of God’s mercy, have been following the path of trust in God and mercy towards our neighbors for many years, as evidenced by the testimonies that you have sent us. Thank you very much for them. Thanks to them, we can get to know each other more, and thus be spiritually closer to each other today, despite the physical distance.

On this special day for us, let us all unite in prayer of thanksgiving with Mary, praying the “Magnificat” and with every heartbeat let us thank good God for the mercy He has shown and constantly shows to each of us, and through us to all those to whom He sends us. Let us also pray for one another so that we may faithfully fulfill our vocation and mission to be apostles of God’s mercy in the world.


United in prayer

Sr. Miriam Janiec OLM
president of the “Faustinum”

and Sisters serving in the “Faustinum”

Sr. M. Emanuel Gemza OLM
Sr. M. Clareta Fečová OLM
Sr. M. Eliana Chmielewska OLM
Sr. M. Teresa de la Fuente OLM
Sr. M. Symplicja Potyrała OLM
Sr. M. Faustia Szabová OLM
Sr. Maria Faustyna Ciborowska OLM
Sr. M. Stefania Kromska OLM

Krakow-Łagiewniki, March 6, 2021