Will she be happy?

We have certainly heard this question from parents more than once regarding their children’s future: “Will she be happy?”

Perhaps the same thought also troubled Marianna and Stanislaw Kowalski, the parents of St. Sister Faustina? But let’s start at the beginning…

Things were not easy. Marianna Kowalska was very much afraid of this birth, as she had nearly lost her life while delivering the previous two babies. However, she trustingly placed everything in the hands of Mary. August 1905. It was already the ninth month of carrying the baby ‘‘under her heart”. 25 August, Friday. A sunny day, already after the harvest, the  harvesting was approaching. Was it already, then? Yes, the labor had begun. Surprisingly, without complications, quickly. 8 o’clock in the morning. Here it IS! The newborn’s cry brought relief and joy to the entire Kowalski family. Helenka was born, a baby girl who later, as history has shown, played a huge role in the history of the world. She reminded everyone of the eternal truth that God is love and mercy itself (Diary. 1074, 1273, 1486), that every human being is loved by God, that God was already thinking of us before we were born, that no child is an accident, that everyone has the right to live.

Sister Faustina is a great saint who believed in God’s love and was therefore truly happy. And what about you? Have you already found happiness in your life?