The Feast of St. Faustina 2022

Today we celebrate the anniversary of St.Faustina’s passing to our Father’s House.

It was the day that the Secretary of Divine Mercy awaited with great hope and longing in the attitude of trusting submission to God’s will. It was her passing that became for her a new beginning. Before her death, Sister Faustina wrote:

I can see quite clearly and realise what’s happening to me; in spite of all the concern of my superiors and the doctors’ care my health is fading and diminishing, but I’m immensely glad You are calling me, O God and Love of mine, for I know that my mission will start at the moment of my death. O, how I long to be free of this body. O my Jesus, You know that in each and every desire I have, I always want to see Your will. Of myself, I would neither want to die a minute earlier, nor live a minute longer; nor would I want more or less suffering; I only want what Your holy will wants. Even though my ardour is great, and great are the desires burning in my heart, they shall never go beyond Your will” (Diary. 1729).

Today, St. Faustina watches over us from heaven and gives us courage by encouraging us to trust in the Mercy of God. We can learn from her this immense trust in the Merciful God.

St. Faustina, pray for us!