Summary of the year 2022

With the start of a new year, we invite you to look at some statistics concerning our Association.

In 2022, ‘Faustinum’ grew by 25 new members and 147 volunteers from 14 countries around the world.
The largest number of newcomers were Italians (76 people).
Poles came second with 68 people and Americans third with 12 people.

A particularly important event for the Association was the General Assembly of members held on 17-18 June, during which a new Faustinum Board was appointed and suggestions for the next years of ‘Faustinum’ activities were presented.

In the past year we held many retreats in Poland, Slovakia and Italy, as well as the 1st National Meeting of the Italian ‘Faustinum’.

We published new formation books in Polish and Italian and prepared further publications in English, French and Slovak.

We revamped our website and published numerous formation materials online. We reached nearly 85,500 people in 180 countries. In 2022 we prepared more than 700 posts and pages in six languages. We also published more than 500 videos with formative content on our YouTube channels, which are regularly used by more than 15,200 subscribers.