Saint Faustina is for us, apostles of Divine Mercy, a model of how to spend the last moments of the year and how to entrust ourselves, our loved ones and the whole world into the hands of God who loved us to the end! In her Diary she noted:

New Year’s Eve. (…) At last the clock struck twelve, the last hour of the year. I finished it in the name of the Holy Trinity, and started the first hour of the New Year in the name of the Holy Trinity as well. I asked each of the Persons for a blessing and looked forward trustfully to the coming year, which is bound to bring plenty of suffering (Diary 355).   

Thank You in advance, O Lord, for everything that Your goodness will send me (Diary 1449).

The year is coming to an end. My spirit pondered on the good things which God has showered upon me this year. My soul trembled at the sight of the immensity of all those graces from God (Diary 855).

According to the tradition of our Congregation, on January 1, St. Faustina also drew lots for a patron for the beginning of the year. We invite you to participate in this drawing of lots so that each day of the New Year we may be accompanied in a special way by one of the Saints who in Heaven continually celebrate God’s mercy.

You can draw a patron Saint for the New Year here: