My Patron Saint for 2023 is …

We read in the Diary: “We have a custom the beginning of the New Year, to draw special patrons for the whole year.” (Diary 360)  

We encourage you to draw a special patron saint for this new-year. Please go to the website to complete a short form and you will discover your patron saint for this year.

St Sister Faustina writes: “In the morning during Meditation, one of those secret wishes awoke in me, for the Eucharistic Jesus to continue to be my special patron this year, too. But keeping this wish secret from my Beloved, I talked to Him about everything else except that I wanted Him for my patron. When we came into the refectory for breakfast, after we had made the sign of the cross, we drew patrons. When I went up to the holy cards with the patrons’ names, I drew one out at random and didn’t read it at once, I wanted to mortify myself for a few moments. And then I heard a voice in my soul, I am your patron, read it. At once I looked at the inscription and read, Patron for 1935 – the Most Blessed Eucharist.” (Diary 360)

Just as Sister Faustina did, perhaps, you too, may draw a patron saint who is particularly close to you.
However, if the Saint that you drew is someone who is unfamiliar to you, it gives you a wonderful opportunity to delve into their lives in detail.

We invite you to draw lots, discover your Patron Saint and journey this year with this Holy Patron.

There is a possibility to draw a saint patron here:

Patron Saint for 2023

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