Honorary Members

The Executive Board may confer honorary membership for people who have engaged themselves in an outstanding way in achieving the Association’s goals.

The Honorary Members of the “Faustinum” are:

  1. Cardinal Franciszek Macharski, Metropolitan of Krakow (conferred on May 20, 2006)
  2. Bishop Stanislav Smolenski (conferred on May 20, 2006)
  3. Mother M. Paulina Słomka, Superior General of the Congregation of the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy from 1986-1998 (conferred on May 20, 2006)
  4. Bishop Ištvan Katona from Hungary, responsible for the “Faustinum” Association in Hungary (conferred on October 4, 2008)
  5. Fr. Artur Ciepielski, involved in the “Faustinum” formation in Slovakia (conferred on September 1, 2010)