Gift for the Merciful Jesus 2024

Dear Apostoles of Divine Mercy!

 As we continue in thanksgiving for the 92th Anniversary of the first apparition of Merciful Jesus and,
at the same time, we continue the Great Novena before the 100th Anniversary of the Revelations in Plock,
we would like to invite each of you to make a spiritual gift to Merciful Jesus.

We know that the apparition took place in Plock on February 22, 1931 and it was the begginnig of Saint Faustina’s mission – to remind the world of the biblical truth about God’s mercy. Today, the message of Divine Mercy reaches the farthest corners of the earth and still resounds in the teachings of the Universal Church, therefore we would like to thank God for this great gift which we have been given.

This gift will consist in praying 93 Chaplets of Divine Mercy – a prayer dictated by the Lord Jesus to Saint Sister Faustina. 

The Chaplet of Divine Mercy, dictated by the Lord Jesus to St. Faustina, can be prayed at any time and place. However, if you cannot go to a chapel or church, you can say the Chaplet at home, for example, in front of the image of the Merciful Jesus. 

We encourage you to use the folder available at In the folder you can specify the intention you want to pray and enter the date and place of praying the chaplet.

After filling it out, the folder can be delivered to the address of the
Congregation of the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy in Plock before February 22, 2024.


The folders will be placed at the feet of the Merciful Jesus
during the solemn Holy Mass at the Shrine of the Divine Mercy in Płock on the
93rd Anniversary of the apparition, that is, on February 22, 2024.