Easter 2024

Low Sunday, that is the Feast of Mercy (…)
My soul submerged in indescribable joy,
and the Lord let me know the vast sea and unfathomed depth of His mercy.
Oh, if only souls wanted to know how much God loves them! (…)
When I was united with the Lord, I learned
how many souls are praising Divine mercy.

Diary 1073

Dear Apostles of Divine Mercy!

In living the mysteries of Jesus’ Passion, death and Resurrection, we have the opportunity once again and even more deeply than before to immerse ourselves in the unfathomable mercy of God.

Faced with the immensity of the love that led Jesus to laid down His life for each of us, and witnessing the power of mercy that we see in his resurrection, we can only stand in humility and adore this infinite mercy of our God.

May the time of Paschal joy fill our hearts with gratitude for the gift of redemption and kindle in us the desire to proclaim mercy to those who have not yet experienced God’s love.

Let us join in a prayer of praise during this festive time and also on the Feast Day of Mercy.

With wishes for a joyful and peaceful Easter!

sr. M. Emanuela Gemza ISMM
with the Sisters of the “Faustinum”

Easter 2024