Drawing of a “Friend” for the New Year 2024!

The saints are present in our daily lives. Some of them we may have even known personally. There are also Saints who are especially close to us.

St. Faustina had many such friends in her life. In her Diary she writes not only about Jesus, the Blessed Virgin and St. Joseph, but we can also find descriptions of her encounters with: St Barbara (Diary, 1251), St. Teresa of the Child Jesus (Diary, 150) and with St. Ignatius of Loyola (Diary, 448). In another part of her Diary, she writes that she saw St. Stanislaus Kostka, St. Andrew Bobola and St. Casimir the King (c.f. Diary, 689).

The secretary of Divine Mercy had also a devotion to Father Peter Skarga (through his intercession she prayed for her brother Stanislaus – Diary, 1290). She also prayed to the Jesuit saints. In her Diary she also mentions St. Paul the Apostle (c.f. Diary, 777; 1604) and St. Vincent à Paulo (Diary, 1189). At one of her retreats, she asked for the intercession of St. Claudius La Colomière and St. Gertrude (Diary, 728), who must have been close to her.

St. Faustina had many helpers on her path to Holiness. We encourage you today to draw your own special Patron Saint for this year. Maybe this Saint will become your new Friend?

Patron Saint for 2024

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