Christmas 2023

O little Jesus, I earnestly beg You,
enclose them all in the sea of Your unfathomable mercy,
O sweet little Jesus, You have my heart,
may it be a pleasant and comfortable dwelling-place for You.

(Diary, 845)

Dear Apostles of the Divine Mercy!

The season of Advent, full of longing and joyful expectation, is coming to an end. Soon we will be experiencing anew this extraordinary mystery of the Divine Mercy. As St. Faustina writes in her Diary: the Word is made Flesh, God – the Word of God, Mercy Incarnate – has come to dwell among us. (Diary, 1745)

He comes into the world to share our joys and worries. He brings the light of His love into our every darkness. He brings peace where fear and uncertainty about the future overwhelm us. Jesus – our Merciful Saviour and Lord.

At this special time, let us open our hearts anew to Jesus. May our hearts be a perfect dwelling place for Him. So we can dwell with Him giving thanks for His goodness and adoring His infinite mercy.

Filled with His power, let us open our hearts to those who are poor, especially the poor in spirit; those who have not yet experienced God’s love in their lives. Let us help them with merciful deeds, words and prayers.

Let us enclose the whole world in the sea of God’s incomprehensible mercy. Let us ask that every person may turn to His Mercy with confidence and experience the longed-for peace.

With wishes for a blessed and joyful Christmas
and the assurance of our prayers

s. M. Emanuela Gemza ISMM
with the Sisters from “Faustinum”

Krakow-Łagiewniki, Christmas 2023