Christmas 2022

Suddenly, I saw the Blessed Mother with the Child Jesus (…)
She said to me, “Here, take My most precious Treasure.”
(Diary, 608)

Dear Apostles of the Divine Mercy!

Once again we are experiencing the mystery of the coming into the world of Jesus – Mercy Incarnate. He comes without publicity, in poverty and humility in a Bethlehem stable, to become available to all. Emmanuel – the God who wants so much to be present in our daily lives.” I have neither a retinue nor bodyguards surrounding me, you can come to Me at any moment, at any time of the day I shall be waiting and ready to talk to you and I want to grant you graces.” (Diary, 1485) These words of Jesus, recorded in the Diary by St. Faustina, speak of His great desire and invite us to an ever closer relationship with Him.

Let us therefore open our hearts to the merciful presence of Jesus, who, though born as a defenceless Child, is the all-powerful and great Lord. For equal to his majesty is his mercy (Sir. 2:18), so let us confidently entrust our past, present and future to Him. Filled with God’s love, let us bring the Good News of God’s mercy to all the needy, the suffering and the lost. May they experience God’s tender love through our merciful presence, help and prayer.

 Have a blessed and peaceful Christmas!
With prayers and Christmas greetings

  sr. M. Emanuela Gemza ISMM
with the Sisters of “Faustinum”

Krakow, Christmas 2022