Celebrating Together!

Today, 15 February 2023 is the name day of St. Faustina and it is also the 48th death anniversary of Bl. Fr. Michael Sopoćko. Just as they shared the mission of proclaiming the truth of God’s mercy on earth together, they are now celebrating an important day together in heaven.  

They were both loved by God. A year and a half before St. Faustina’s death, on her name day, she heard in her soul: “O Host pleasing to My Father! My daughter, know that the entire Holy Trinity takes special pleasure in you, because you live solely in accordance with Divine will. No other sacrifice can compare with that” (Diary. 955).

In the Diary we also read Jesus’ words about Fr. Michael Sopoćko: “He is a priest after My Heart, I am pleased with all his efforts. You see, O daughter of Mine, My will must be done, and I shall keep all that I have promised you. Through him I am sending down consolation on souls that are suffering and in tribulation; it has pleased Me through him to spread the praise of My mercy, and more souls will come to Me thanks to this work of mercy than if he were to spend day and night to the end of his life granting absolution, which would keep him busy to the end of his life, but through this work of mercy, he will be working until the end of the world” (Diary. 1256).

Let us thank God for these zealous apostles after God’s own Heart. May they intercede for us imploring God’s mercy for us.

St. Faustina, pray for us!

Bl. Fr Michael Sopoćko, pray for us!