An exceptional Sunday evening…

It is 22 February 1931. Less than five days ago Lant began. It’s getting dark. It’s time to rest. Sister Faustina is already in her cell in our Convent House in Plock. She records this moment in her Diary as follows:

‘‘In the evening when I was in my cell, I saw Jesus clothed in a white robe. One of His hands was raised in a gesture of blessing, and with the other He was touching the robe on His chest. There were two big rays, one red and the other pale, emerging from a fold in the robe on His chest. I fixed my gaze on the Lord in silence, my soul was overawed but also full of joy. After a while Jesus said to me,

“Make Me a picture of this image in the form that you see, with the inscription Jesus, I trust in You. I want this picture venerated first in your chapel, and in the whole world.”

“I promise that the soul that venerates this picture shall not perish. I also promise it victory over its enemies, already here on Earth, and especially in the hour of death. I Myself shall protect it as My glory.” (Diary.47-48)

It was on that evening, 93 years ago, that her mission to proclaim to the world the truth of the merciful love of God began. Now we continue this mission with you.

St.Faustina, great apostle of Divine Mercy, pray for us.