23rd Anniversary of the Canonisation of St. Faustina

Today, 30 April 2023, we celebrate the 23rd Anniversary of the canonisation of our great Patroness, St. Faustina.

On 30 April 1926, Helena Kowalska received the habit and took the religious name: ‘‘Sister Maria Faustina’’. She recorded later in her Diary: ‘‘The moment I took the veil God let me learn how much I would suffer. I saw quite clearly what I was committing myself to. It was [just] a minute of suffering. [Then] God again filled my soul with great joy” (Diary 22)

Exactly two years later, on 30 April1928, she made her first religious vows: “My first vows, I fervently wished to immolate myself for God by an active love that would still remain unnoticed even by the sisters closest to me” (Diary 27).

Five years later, on the same day (30 April 1933) and on the eve of her perpetual profession, she recorded in her Diary: ‘‘Evening. O Jesus, tomorrow morning I’m to make my perpetual vows. I entreated all Heaven and Earth, and I called upon everything that exists to give thanks to God for this great and unfathomed grace. And then I heard these words, “My daughter, your heart is heaven for Me” (Diary 238).

Exactly 67 years later, on 30 April 2000, Pope John Paul II canonised Sr. Faustina and established the Feast of Divine Mercy for the whole Church.

We read about this event in the Diary (Diary 1044-1048): ‘‘Suddenly, I saw the two rays that are in the painting come out of the Sacred Host and go round the whole world. It happened in a flash but seemed to last a whole day, and on that day our chapel was overcrowded, and the entire day was full of joy” (Diary 1046).

Today let us join with St. Faustina in her joy! Let us give thanks to Merciful God for this Great Saint and for the establishment of the Feast of Divine Mercy for the whole Church.