IDADM 2024 – Information




4 – 6 October 2024


Shrine of Divine Mercy in Krakow-Łagiewniki


There is a rescue – MERCY


Association of the Apostles of Divine Mercy “Faustinum”


To be accepted, Registration Forms need to be fully completed.

Simultaneous interpretation into English, Spanish, Italian, Slovak and French will be provided if there are sufficient numbers registered for that language 

Please submit your Registration Forms by 30 January 2024 (without booking fee)

At the beginning of February, the organisers will inform Registrants whether interpretation will be available in a particular language. If the interpretation is not available in your chosen language, you can withdraw from this event. Alternatively you may choose another language

Registrations will be accepted until 31 March 2024

If you decide to cancel your Registration,
please inform us immediately

so that we can assign your place to someone on the waiting list


The organisers do not provide accommodation

However, we recommend the following hotels located at or near
the Shrine of Divine Mercy

Hotel rooms will be reserved for participants until the dates below:


Hotel Garden Square (150 places) – until places available are sold out

+48 533 398 847; +48 12 397 77 31;,


Hostel Ave Łagiewniki (21 places) – till 1 June 2024


Pilgrim House ”Promień” (60 places) – till 1 June 2024

+48 12 266 98 00;


Pilgrim House Rogacjoniści (14 places) – till 1 June 2024

+48 12 263 61 00


Congregation of the Sisters of Charity of Our Lord of Good and Perpetual Help (25 places) – till 1 June 2024

+48 797 775 333


Congregation of the Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ (58 places) – till 1 June 2024

Access to the Sanctuary – 20 minutes by tram No. 22
+48 787 266 658 – from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.;


Shrine of St. John Paul II – Pilgrim House
(50 places – multi-bedded rooms) – till 31 March 2024

+48 607 066 502;

When booking your accommodation, please inform the hotel reception
that you are a participant of the International Days of the Apostles of Divine Mercy


The organisers will provide participants with the following meals:


on Friday, Saturday and Sunday


on Friday and Saturday

coffee, tea, water, biscuits

during breaks


The Registration fee for attending the International Days of Apostles of Divine Mercy is 140 €

The Registration fee is inclusive of partial organistion costs and the full costs of meals

Each participant is asked to pay a booking fee of €30
(which is included in the registration fee) within 14 days of registration

Bank transfer
Bank name: Santander Bank Polska S.A. 
Bank address: al. Jana Pawła II 17, 00–854 Warszawa 
IBAN: PL 53 1500 1142 1211 4005 2301 0000 
Payment title: “Divine Mercy”
Deadline for payment: 14 days after registration


Please note that there will be a  bank and/or service fee incurred for payment via bank or paypal

These fees will have to be borne by you (the participant)

Failure to make the booking payment wil result in your place being offered to someone on the waiting list

Please note that refunds will not be made for cancellation of Registration beyond this point

The Registration fee does not cover all costs related
to the organisation of the International Days of the Apostles of Divine Mercy

Any donations will be greatly appreciated by this Mission and will be used to defray adminstrative and operational costs

Payment title: “Divine Mercy – donation”

The organizers do not provide accommodation for the participants of the IDADM,
do not cover or reimburse travel or accommodation expenses,
and do not provide assistance in obtaining a visa to Poland.