Entrustment to the Divine Mercy in times of trial – Testimonies

José Martín Murillo S y Aura Segura Bonilla:

We come from Costa Rica and share the joy of these 30 days of preparation; as Apostles of Divine Mercy, it is beautiful to share with people who want to know and love God, to inject God’s Mercy in these difficult times during which many people doubt, speak blasphemy, sin, deny and offend the Presence of God in the midst of this pandemic. 

It was really beautiful every morning to listen to in every audio clip that has this relaxing music and then to the voice that prompts us to pray first, asking for the Virgin Mary to accompany us, and then asking for the presence of the Holy Spirit, and then listening to the Word of God, allowing us to abandon and prepare our souls and then carefully listen to the mystical experiences of the Saint, who lived less than 100 years ago in the midst of controversial moments in human history. 

The prayer of entrustment to the Mother of God for Her to present our needs and experiences to God, to the Heart of her Beloved Son, but above all [it was] motivating our lives so that like Her who experienced pain, suffering and joy, [yet still] would always do God’s Will, so if we go to the Virgin, she [can] lead us to know how to ask for the Strength of Will that only the Holy Spirit gives, in order to have confidence in God that every experience, if it is placed in God’s Hands, we know how to accept it and put our hope in the Living Source, which is Trust in Divine Mercy, persevering in prayer and faith we can discover God’s manifestation in everything that this earthly life brings us day after day. 

The verses from various Psalms reminded us to worship and honor the King of Kings and sharpened the senses of our soul to be always GRATEFUL. 

We were able to share it with priests, consecrated persons, lay people, family, friends and groups who somehow could not do it directly from the website. 

Thousands of thanks to all of you, for letting us feel close to the Holy Trinity, Strength beyond all strength, Power above all Power, Virgin Mary as a model to follow and experience her as our spiritual support, Saint as Saint Faustina, but still more to get closer to our neighbor, that everyone without egoism will feel the joy of being Merciful, building the Mystical Body of Christ and exercising the works of Mercy. Encouraging us to consecrate ourselves using our own personal prayer is beautiful.

Jesus, I trust you! Mary, I entrust myself to You!

Adriana: Every day as I entered the Merciful Heart of Jesus through the hands of Mary, was a grace for me  to receive consolation and much peace in a time of desolation. It strengthened me in my physical and spiritual weakness and it filled my being with joy to feel so loved by Jesus and Mary !!! Thanks to you for making it possible !!!!

Leokadia Radominski: I wish to thank you dear Sisters for the beautiful entrustment. It brought me great peace and joy. The offering each day of specific elements of myself and my life brought to my mind many memories and the desires of my heart. I never would have gone through such a process had it not been for the entrustment. I truly felt that I had given to God the entirety of my life composed of my pains, anxieties, and joys. The beautiful texts helped me to feel a confidence that I had given myself to Love, Mercy, and Wisdom and will be guided, watched over, and molded into the person I was created to be. I feel the clarity and strength to cooperate with God to become this person.  The whole entrustment was imbued with gentle Love and peace. I printed out the Act of Entrustment with the plan to repeat it on a regular basis in order to remind myself of the generous, merciful, and loving God I belong to. When I am no longer sequestered due to the pandemic, I will present my entrustment before the Blessed Sacrament with the pastor of my parish as my witness. These thirty days were a journey of Love.

Rita: My Congratulations and deepest gratitude for the magnificent journey! Very consoled and united with God!  May God bless you always! 

Wojciech from Poland:

Thank you for these lovely moments with reflections. The spoken words full of trust and love day after day gave [me] hope in discovering and meeting the Merciful Lord Jesus and Mary.They penetrated to the depth of [my] heart and were moving.They took off layer after layer of life’s build-up.They were like a beacon of light from a lighthouse showing the way to the shore, often in the dark or a rough sea.
Heartfelt wishes that God may reward you, Sister!
Following your call at the end of each reflection, I repeat: Jesus, I trust in You! Mary, to you I entrust myself!

Dariusz Świder from Poland:

Today I finished the reflections – Entrustment ofOneself to Mercy in times of trial – for me it was in certain sense a retreat on the Divine Mercy through the Holy Trinity and the intercession of Our Lady of Mercy- I entrustedmy whole self, my body and soul to the Divine Mercy, asking the Blessed Mother to take me under her maternal care – I entrusted myself to her motherly care. With the gift of prayer.  

Bjoern from Italy:

It was a touching and profound help. Heartfelt thanks!

Marina Mazzoli from Italy:

Almost a month has passed. I didn’t even notice it… it seems to me that it was only yesterday that I started my journey on this road of trust. You have given us messages rich with reflections that I wanted to note it down in a notebook every day so that they would remain in my heart throughout the day. I shared your videos with my closest friends. All of them took great comfort from it, you gave them an interval of serenity and support. You have given a friend of mine faith during her last month of chemotherapy in the hospital, and all of us, too, with our various problems in this difficult period.
 Heartfelt thanks! Jesus, I trust in You!