Divine Mercy Online Retreat – Testimonies

From the USA:


This retreat was a blessing! I had been discerning what the Lord was asking of me with my Divine Mercy Apostolates. After I completed my studies with the John Paul II Institute of Divine Mercy with the Marian’s of the Immaculate Conception, I had to overcome obstacles with my ministry. Fr. Jason Jones was a wonderful instrument that the Lord used to give me clarity. 

I reread Diary entry #998:

Today, I took part in a one-day retreat. When I was at the last conference, the priest was speaking of how much the world needs God’s mercy …  Then I heard a voice in my soul: These words are for you. Do all you possibly can for this work of My mercy. I desire that My mercy be worshiped, and I am giving mankind the last hope of salvation; that is, recourse to My mercy …  After these words, I understood that nothing can dispense me from the obligation which the Lord demands from me.

Our Lord spoke to me through Fr. Jones in a powerful way. Thank you, Jesus!  Sylvia Mayer-Martinez, AZ


I wish to thank you Fr. Jones and Sr. Teresa, for the wonderful retreat! Being on-line, I did not expect the retreat to be the intense experience it turned out to be. As I sat alone in front of my computer, I felt that Jesus was speaking to me directly through you Fr. Jones. I am very grateful to you for your very inspiring and beautifully conveyed words. I have never encountered such a rich and beautiful explanation of the meaning of Jesus’ gaze in the image as you presented. I was very deeply moved. Each adoration was beautifully done. The retreat has brought me much to reflect on and to incorporate into my life.

Thank you, Sr. Teresa, for your presentations and hard work at putting the retreat together. I am very grateful to you, as well as all of those involved in making this retreat possible.

Thank you so much for enriching my life! – Through our merciful Jesus, Leokadia Radominski, OR 


Last year, we attended the Days of Apostles of Divine Mercy 2019 “I have loved you with an everlasting love” held in Krakow. It was a wonderful experience ….being at the Shrine of Divine Mercy for the first time, deepening our knowledge of the message of God and his Mercy to Saint Faustina, sharing with the sisters, priests and many people as a beautiful family.

When Naida Costa Marcucci, coordinator of Divine Mercy in Ponce, Puerto Rico, informed us about the Online Retreat, “Come, rest your heart and strengthened by the Divine Mercy”  it was a great happiness, like a dream made reality; to be in another Divine Mercy event at the Shrine. It was like to be in the Shrine again and at the same time it was like the Shrine ‘visiting’ our house…to be very close to each other. We remember Father Jason Jones and Sr Teresa de la Fuente from the last Retreat. 

We enjoyed all. The Points for Reflections by Sr. Teresa that guided and motivated us to knowledge and live the message of Divine Mercy, to appreciate the value of the Shrine for the world, the Gift of Saint Faustina as dispenser of love and mercy from God to us. The Mass and Conferences of Father Jason introduce us to recognize the great Love and Mercy of God to all, the love to the Sacrifice of Jesus…Living in the Mass and His Passion, the elements of Divine Mercy. The Adoration time was very special, and personal meditation also. The Program help us to live each day the Retreat, even though the hour was different.

Thank you Sisters of the Our Lady of Mercy for sharing this Online Retreat that give many people the opportunity to enjoy the Message of Divine Mercy from  Poland to all the world. We shared it with others people that can’t go to the Shrine. 

With our love and prayers, Sisters Miriam, Maria and Socorro, Sisters of Divine Mercy, PR

From the UK:

Prior to the retreat I only had superficial knowledge of Divine Mercy thinking it was only about Divine Mercy Sunday, the Chaplet and the 3 o’clock Prayer.  

Thanks to the homilies, talks, handouts etc I have come to learn more and, by revisiting the recordings, I hope to increase my knowledge of the devotion to Divine Mercy.

Thanks to all involved for their efforts in organising this online retreat. Paul Young

From Afghanistan:

Thank you to everyone who made the online retreat accessible.  On day one, I struggled with my technological inadequacies and Internet access in Afghanistan. I prayed “Jesus I Trust in You” to show me the way to connect online.  My soul has been filled with warmth and a deeper understanding of Jesus’ Mercy.  Thank you for the structure of the conference.  I did not want to miss any part and was delighted I could play back Fr. Jason’s conferences and Sr. Teresa’s talks to absorb more of St. Faustina’s life and messages from Jesus.  I am blessed to have visited the Shrine in Krakow-Łagiewniki.  With the Live Online view in the Chapel, I tuned out my physical environment and was able to visualize sitting in the Chapel pew.    

 I pray for the recovery of the Sisters health, safe travels for Fr. Jason and for the Divine Mercy delegation from Lebanon.  Their beautiful voices from Mass last year still resonates with me.  May we all be able to attend a future conference in Krakow.  Until then, I will stay connected online. Jesus, I trust in You, Sabrina G.

From Slovenia:

I feel like I have been deeply called to be part of this retreat by many signs. …. I felt really called to do it and to be part of this retreat which is a call to be merciful and follow Merciful Jesus. 

I wanted to come to the Shrine but it is very hard right now to travel. So I decided to stay at home, saying the Stations of the Cross daily at the ‘Mountain of the Cross’ in my home town and praying at St. Rocco’s church every day and following the retreat which was so specially “God-guided.” I would like to thank you for this and I hope to see you again soon in Łagiewniki. United in prayer. Andreja P.