Who joined us in 2019?

2019 is past. Our community in the Faustinum Association of the Apostles of Divine Mercy has grown. We have new members and volunteers. We are happy that each of them belongs to the Faustinum Association.
In 2019, 23 members joined the group, including 11 from Poland and 13 from other countries: 2 people from Ireland, 1 person from Slovakia, 1 person from Germany, 2 people from the USA, 1 person from Benin, 1 person from Hong Kong, 3 people from Spain.

In 2019, 115 people joined the group of volunteers, including: 27 – from Poland and 88 – from other countries: 34 people from – Slovakia, 16 people from France, 8 people from Italy, 7 people from Spain, 6 people from Hungary, 7 people from the USA, 2 people from Canada, 2 people from Argentina, 1 person from Ireland, 1 person from the Czech Republic, 1 person from Germany, 1 person from Peru, 1 person from Benin, 1 person from Slovenia.

Let us remember ourselves in prayer this new year, especially during our daily prayer at the Hour of Mercy.
Let St. Faustina leads us and supports us with her intercession.