Truly GOOD

Good Friday. Truly good… On that day, God was summoned to answer before man’s court and accepted a cruel death so that His beloved creature, called “me” – the human person would enjoy the fullness of life and the authentic freedom. Shedding blood on the Cross He revealed the greatness of His mercy and the power of His forgiveness. As our Lord hung on the cross, He allowed his heart to be opened. As He explained to Saint Faustina: On the cross, the fountain of My mercy was opened wide by the lance for all souls – no one have I excluded! (Diary, 1182). …if you do not believe My words, at least believe My wounds (Diary, 379).

God received permanent wounds inflicted by sinners. His scars are an evidence of His merciful love. On Good Friday, we begin a novena before the Feast of Divine Mercy. For nine days, invoking the Holy Wounds of Christ, we bring specific people to the fountain of His Divine Mercy, that they may draw strength and refreshment and whatever grace they need in the hardships of life, and especially at the hour of death (Diary, 1209). As the Secretary of the Divine Mercy noticed: the work of redemption is bound up with the work of mercy (Diary, 89). 

Good Friday –my redemption day! It is the day of regaining freedom and returning to the house of our Father in Heaven, rising to the dignity of a child of God in which royal blood flows.Mercy of [God] is so great that no mind, be it of man or of angel, will be able to fathom it throughout all eternity. (Diary, 699) and even eternity is not sufficient to adore Him worthily (see Diary, 951).

May the busyness of the Easter preparations does not stop us from taking a time to fully experience this great mystery of Christian faith: the truth of God rich in mercy. May praying the Novena before the Feast of Divine Mercy deepen our awareness on the significance of redemption and invitation from God to cooperate with Him in saving all souls from eternal damnation.