To believe in mercy

“The cross of Christ (… ) speaks and never ceases to speak of God the Father, who is absolutely faithful to His eternal love for man, since He “so loved the world” -therefore man in the world- that “he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.” Believing in the crucified Son means “seeing the Father,” means believing that love is present in the world and that this love is more powerful than any kind of evil in which individuals, humanity, or the world are involved. Believing in this love means believing in mercy ” (Dives in misericordia, 7).

The year 2020 is ending. Another year of our lives  [has passed] during which we have not lacked God’s grace not even for a moment and during which the merciful God has lovingly taken care of us.

It was a year full of many different events – both joyful and sad. It was a year of new challenges arising, among others, from the painful consequences of the pandemic that has affected so many people around the world.

We can say that it was a year during which, aside from joy, the cross was present in our lives… And perhaps many of us have have been thinking: Good that this year is nearly ending… I hope the next year will be better!

Perhaps it is worth asking yourself today: how do you look at the cross in your life?

How do you accept difficult, painful events? Are you able to be live it with Jesus?

Do you believe in the eternal love of God the Father for you and that this love is “more powerful than any kind of evil in which individuals, humanity, or the world are involved”?

Jesus, I trust in You.

+ Today at midnight I bade farewell to 1936, the old year, and welcomed 1937. In that first hour of the New Year I trembled with fear as I looked this time right in the eye. O merciful Jesus, with You I shall go forth bravely and boldly into the fray of battle. In Your name I shall accomplish everything, and win all. O God, infinite Goodness, I pray You, let Your infinite mercy accompany me always and in all things. (Diary 859).

“At the stroke of twelve my soul was engrossed in profound recollection, and I heard the voice in my soul saying: Do not be afraid, My child, you are not alone, fight bravely, for My arm is supporting you; fight for the salvation of souls, encouraging them to trust in My mercy, for that is your task in this life and in the next.” (Diary 1452).