The more I think about it….

Today I was in intimate union with Our Lady, Iwent through Her spiritual experiences. In the evening before sharing the Christmas wafer and exchanging wishes I went into the chapel to send my Christmas wishes in spirit to my nearest and dearest, and I asked Our Lady for graces for them. My spirit was completely immersed in God. During Midnight Mass I saw the Infant Jesus in the Host, and my spirit immersed itself in Him. Even though He was a little baby, His majesty pervaded my soul. I was completely permeated by this mystery, God’s coming down and making Himself so lowly, expending Himself so unspeakably. It was alive in my soul for the whole of Christmas. O, we shall never comprehend how lowly God made Himself. The more I think about it… (Diary 182).

At this point of the text the holy sister, Saint Faustina abruptly stops writing. She does not finish this passage. Why?  Doesn’t matter. Let this be an invitation for us to continue it by adding our own reflection, our own experience that flows from meditation on the Mystery of God, who out of love for me became Man.  The more I think about the mercy of God in the Incarnation, the more I enter into the reason why God came to Earth. The more I try to familiarize myself with the conditions in which the Creator of the Universe was born, the more profoundly I understand His vulnerability – He, Who is Power and Might, the more…. everything MORE, BETTER…? Just like St. Faustina, I can: 

  1. Unite closely with the Blessed Mother.  In other words, consider what Mary felt, what She experienced as She searched for a worthy place to give birth to Her Son. Adore the Incarnate Mercy with Her Heart.
  2. During prayer share the Christmas wafer in spirit with those who are far from me.  Ask the Blessed Mother for the graces that they need.
  3. During Midnight Mass, strive for interior recollection.  Consider how much God made Himself so lowly out of love for me.
  4. During the Christmas season, strive to show gratitude to God for His mercy and His coming down and making Himself so lowly.  Show mercy to all with whom I come in contact and forgive those against whom I have a grievance.

May this Christmas, this blessed time of Divine Mercy, be filled with our love and be  constantly spent in profound consideration of the Mystery of the Incarnation of God.