The month of May with Mary

O sweet Mother of God,
I model my life on You;
You are for me the bright dawn;
In You I lose myself, enraptured.
O Mother, Immaculate Virgin,
In You the divine ray is reflected,
Midst storms, ?tis You who teach me to love the Lord,
O my shield and defence from the foe (Diary 1232).

St. Sister Faustina turns to Our Lady in these beautiful and simple words. In her Diary we can find many passages which reveal her love for Mary. She spoke with Her very often; she had her eyes fixed on Her spirit and strove to follow Her as a model of virtues. She sought to become like Her, the Mother of Mercy. She used to learn from Her how to live in a deep and personal union with God in daily life, how to love Him and how to carry out His will in all things (cf. Diary 40).

This May can also be an invitation for us to meet with Our Lady more frequently. Following the example of St. Sister Faustina, let us look to the mysteries of Mary’s life and Her spirit, and learn from Her how to entrust ourselves to God and faithfully follow Him in our everyday life.

We invite you to watch the presentation about Mary, Mother of Mercy.