The end of the road

We congratulate you for persevering to the end of this path of entrustment! At the conclusion of this 30-day journey, which we have made together, we invite you to make an Act of Entrustment of Oneself to the Merciful God through Mary. You may do this using the prepared voice recording of the Act of Entrustment available on our website, or you may print out the proposed text also available on our website. We do encourage you to write your own act of entrustment, so that you may express to our Merciful God and to Mary your own personal hopes and desires which arose in your heart during this past month. You may say the Act of Entrustment during Holy Mass after receiving Our Lord in Holy Communion or you may choose some other time, perhaps with a lit candle in your prayer room or altar at home, or in the place where you go for your personal prayer.  (Another option, if possible, is to humbly ask your spiritual director, or a priest to be a witness as you make the Act of Entrustment, requesting a private moment to be at the church before Our Lord in the Tabernacle with the priest as a witness.)

We believe that the time of preparation to make your own personal act of entrustment of yourself to the Merciful God through Mary was a special time of grace and experience of Divine Mercy. If you wish to share, write to us a short personal witness story about how you went through this 30-day journey, and what grace you have received from God. We shall upload your witness story on our website so that together we may rejoice and we may be mutually enriched by your spiritual experience. Write to us at: