Shrove Tuesday 2019

I have been waiting to share My suffering with you, for who can understand My suffering better than My spouse? (Diary 348)

Sister Faustina’s sensitive heart did not omit any opportunity to unite with Jesus in His sufferings. She experienced very difficult moments before Lent, when the time of carnival madness was coming to an end. She wrote in her Diary: Shrove Tuesday. During the last two days of the carnival, I experienced the overwhelming flood of chastisements and sins. In one instant the Lord gave me a knowledge of the sins committed throughout the whole world during these days. I fainted from fright, and even though I know the depth of God’s mercy, I was surprised that God allows humanity to exist. And the Lord gave me to know who it is that upholds the existence of mankind: it is the chosen souls. When the number of the chosen ones is complete, the world will cease to exist (Diary 926).

Who are these “chosen”? When we look through the Diary, we get the impression that Sister Faustina describes the Saints in this way: Jesus, delight of my soul, Bread of Angels, my whole being is plunged in You and I live Your divine life as do the elect in heaven (Diary 1393).

Yet, the Saints that she describes are not only those who can already see God in heaven, but also those who decided to live like Jesus already here on earth. Are we among them? Are we more concerned about our suffering or the suffering of Jesus? His will or our plans?

Holy Spirit, help us! Grant that our call which You have sealed on the day of our Baptism may be completed in heaven.