Rest a bit

It is very important in our everyday life to find time for rest, for an afternoon nap, quick break in the day. Christ, God Himself was aware of this – and when seeing the weariness of the Apostles, invited them to rest in silence and in solitude (Mk 6:31). He also encouraged Sister Faustina to do the same, saying: Lay your head on My shoulder, rest and regain your strength. (Diary 498). May we also take advantage of this invitation of God!

We cannot work nonstop and constantly be at full speed. We need moments of silence, moments to stop to order our thoughts, to reflect on what is really important in life. This is necessary not only for the proper functioning of the human psyche and for the health of our entire body, but also our spirit.

The most important thing, however, is that our rest should be filled not only with concern for the regeneration of the body, but also the spirit. That is why it is good to spend time with God each day during the holidays, simply to lay our head on His shoulder during prayer, to immerse all our worries, fears and plans in Him with trust*, to turn off our cell phone for just a few hours to look into His eyes with peace in our heart, breathe in gratitude for this moment of meeting with Him – Silence. In addition to those moments of the “desert” (silence alone with God) it is also good to spend time with those whom we love so much, and with whom we may not regularly be able to devote quality time and spending time is a manner of loving. 

Let’s rest with God and with our neighbour to draw strength to love more.

*This is part of the essence of that trust which consoles the Heart of Jesus: that we not let our daily burdens consume us, but that we always know to put them at His feet, knowing He cares more about them than we do.