Perpetual Chaplet of Divine Mercy

Fulfilling the request of the Lord Jesus to pray with the words of the Chaplet of Divine Mercy to constantly implore for “mercy on us and on the whole world”, the spiritual work of Perpetual Chaplet of Divine Mercy is underway at, in which people from all continents are invited to participate. In order to say this unique prayer that Jesus taught us through St. Faustina even just once, fill in the declaration form. Jesus associated great promises of granting all graces and temporal favors if they comply with the will of God, which means that they are good for us in our earthly and eternal lives, with trustful recitation of this prayer. Thanks to the involvement of people from different parts of the world, the call “have mercy on us and on the whole world.” can constantly echo before the face of God and the grace, blessing and goodness of God can be flowing through this channel also to us, our families, countries and the whole world.

The work of Perpetual Chaplet has been reprogrammed by our IT team and given a new layout. Its new version is already available at in 7 languages. We would like to encourage you to enter into this work. Just click on the green word “Subscribe” and fill out the short form, in which you must specify when: on which day, time, and for how long you declare the recitation of the Chaplet. Together we can implore more from God, and today mankind and the world need the experience of the merciful love of God the most.