October 5 in Italy


I thank Merciful Jesus and Saint Faustina for the grace of celebrating her feast in Cene di Bergamo with a small group of the Apostles of Divine Mercy from „Faustinum” and Fr. Attilio, our spiritual guide. It was a great grace for me because I live so far away every day – in Romagna.

It was a beautiful moment in which I had the opportunity to meet and talk to Fr. Attilio and some of the Faustinum Apostles. Common prayer and listening to the words of the homily gave me strength to continue the journey of Mercy alongside Sister Faustina, whose presence I always feel so close.

Not being able to go to Krakow this year due to Covid, the celebration was like “little Krakow” for me, because Sister Faustina never abandons her children and always leads them to Jesus the Incarnate Mercy.

Jesus, I trust in you!





Just a year ago, we received in our church of St. Kosma and Damiano in Gattico, relics of St. Faustina. The presence of our Saint has led us on the path of growth in faith and trust in God who is the Father of Mercy.

This year we made Jesus’ words to St. Faustina: “I wish to grant unimaginable graces to souls who trust in My Mercy” and immediately placed a large glass container under the image of Merciful Jesus, in which we collected cards with requests that were impossible for us, but not for our merciful Father.

On Monday, October 5, on the liturgical feast of St. Faustina, at 6.00 p.m. we began our celebration with a very significant gesture: in front of the church, our parish priest, Don Roberto Castelletta, in front of the whole community, burned all these cards to express our thanks, knowing that every request was accepted and heard. and if we have not yet received what we asked for, we must have great trust, unshakable certainty that God never abandons His children, but guides them by the hand, giving them strength to go through even difficult times.

We continued the ceremony, honoring the relics of Sister Faustina and reciting the Chaplet. We celebrated the Holy Mass and then handed out symbolic bracelets on the wrist to remind us every day that Jesus gave Himself to us. At the end, all participants of the ceremony received a solemn blessing with the relics that the priest placed on the heart of each of us.

We also gave our parish priest a chasuble with the image of Merciful Jesus and St. Faustina with the inscription Jesus, I trust in You, and this made our celebration even more beautiful.

Jesus, I trust in you!

Miriam di Gattico (No) Piemont


On October 5, 2019, we celebrated the arrival of Sister Faustina’s relics to the Church of St. Anthony of Padua. This year, on October 5, a Holy Mass was held in honor of St. Faustina and the blessing of her relics. Unfortunately, the restrictions imposed by the pandemic prevented us from organizing larger events, but we still met for prayer and enjoyed the intimate and intense atmosphere.

Valentina, Faustinum Varese