Novena before Pentecost

Lord, You know that since my youth I have always sought Your will and, recognizing it, have always tried to carry it out. My heart has been accustomed to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit, to whom I am faithful. In the midst of the greatest din I have heard the voice of God. I always know what is going on in my interior… (Diary, 1504).

St. Faustina’s beautiful confession invites us to reflect on the upcoming Solemnity of Pentecost. Who is the Holy Spirit in my life? Do I recognize His inspirations and can I repeat after St.  Faustina that my heart is accustomed to listening to His inspirations? Do I ask Him to help me recognize the will of the Heavenly Father?

We earnestly encourage you to spend time preparing for Pentecost by an in-depth reading of the Diary. May all of us discover in it St. Faustina’s deep and unique relationship with the Third Person of the Most Holy Trinity.

Holy Spirit, let me recognize your inspirations when you come to my heart.